3000mm High ** Standard Sizes, fixed widths only** Great discounts on these common sizes.

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Here we have great quality B&D Firmadoor Series 1 Domestic Roller Doors at extremely sharp pricing. 


Doors are available at the listed prices from factories located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.  For a small premium we can also supply from B&D in Perth.

As these doors can be shipped from the local factory in most cases the standard $165 shipping will apply, but as covered in our shipping policy, some towns are more difficult to get to and it simply isn't possible to deliver to these as efficiently.  We are sure most customers know if they are in an area that isn't easy to deliver to.

Doorsupply is Australia's largest online reseller of garage doors, we can supply Domestic Roller Doors, Light Industrial Roller Doors, Heavy Duty Industrial Roller Doors, Roller Shutter Doors and Sectional Panel Doors.  

All of our garage doors are proudly Australian made using only the best Bluescope Colourbond material so you know it will withstand the harsh Australian environment and give years of service, provided the simple maintenance procedures are followed.