Domestic Roller Door Range

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Our range of roller doors is renowned for its quality design and value. Utilising decades of design knowledge and backed by testing facilities, Doorsupply have roller doors for all Australian situations. Cyclonic rated doors with both Windstong and Windlock options available, information available here

The quality is evident from the balance and smooth motion of the doors which you can feel for yourself and provides years of smooth operation. This gives easy open and close action when manually operated by hand and reduces the load on an electric opener to extend its life.

Taurean Doors also offer the TauraEdge® Roller Door Track is the first of its type and safest roller door track in Australia.  With a rolled over design replacing the standard edge, the sides are completely encased, so there are no sharp edges exposed. Simple but effective.

The doors have a stylish curtain made from the highest quality Australian Colorbond steel. Roller Doors are available in a wide range of popular colours and in a full range of opening sizes up to 3100mm high and up to 5400mm wide to suit single and double car garages for your home, sheds and buildings. View our installation guides.

Most available electric openers can be fitted to the doors with a wide range available.

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