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The Classic Range offers you a comprehensive choice of four styles – the Linea, the Tempo, the Western and the Silk – as well as a choice of single doors or double garage doors. Oversized garages are no problem either, we can produce doors up to 3 metres high

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How do I find the door I need?

Roller Door - Residential or Industrial

Residential Roller Doors are usually for homes and sheds. Maximum height is 3100mm, made of .40mm Colorbond with 25mm guides to 3430mm wide and 50mm guides to 5100mm wide, usually hand or automatically operated.
Industrial Doors are up to 5100mm high, made of .55mm Colorbond with 50mm guides with a chain drive or automatically operated.

Standard, Windlocked or Windstrong

Standard guides ideal for doors in low to medium wind areas.
Windlock guides are for high wind areas up to the N3 wind zone. These consist of additional fixings but more importantly a locked track that resists the door being popped out of the guides, also ideal to protect against break in.

Wind Strong Doors are designed for cyclonic areas of FNQ, NT and Northern WA

What if I can't see my size

Doors are supplied in door size, this is the opening height, and the total curtain width. Total curtain width is the opening +50mm when 25mm guides are used and opening + 100mm when 50mm guides are used. We deliver nationwide* making the process simple and easy.


We can also supply the new Matt finish range of colours or Timber grain for the Cedar look.