Sectional 6 panel Door - 2760-3000mm high, With Merlin 3800MQ side Lift Auto

Width (Select Door Width in box Below - this is a minimum of opening width +50mm.): 1820-2500
Steel Profile: Woodgrain Linea - Grooved/Lined
Sale price$2,728.95


The Classic Range offers you a comprehensive choice of four styles – the Linea, the Tempo, the Western and the Silk – as well as a choice of single doors or double garage doors. Oversized garages are no problem either, we can produce doors up to 3 metres high. Adding an opener is an option too, to make your house a home.

The range is available in all standard industry colours to help you create the perfect look for your home. You’ll create a spectacular impression that will enhance the appearance, security and value of your home.

The options available in the Classic Range, coupled with our continual push for quality, is proof positive that customer satisfaction is the focus of everything we do. You’ll find our new Classic Range is a winning combination of style, strength and security.

Now you get safety and style. The Taurean® Classic Range of Sectional Doors.

Linea a stylish, contemporary sectional door formed with thin lines to give a relaxed, angled look to your home. Available in a wide range of popular colours, it’s designed to enhance the look of even the most tired homes.

Linea Sectional Panel Garage Door
Linea Profile

Tempo a symmetrical looking sectional garage door with a square press pattern designed to enhance the look of any home. Tempo adds a stylish statement to new homes or an updated look to older ones.

Tempo Sectional Garage Door

Temp Door Profile

Western a traditional interpretation of a real classic that’s seen on many homes today. Western’s powerful, rectangular press pattern gives a very strong feel to the door. 

Western Sectional Panel Garage Door

Western profile

Silk the new modern that is fast becoming the most popular look for any home. Its ‘flush’ appearance creates a casual feel emphasising the whole house facade rather than just the door.

Silk Profile Sectional Garage Door

Silk panel

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