Semi-Commercial Roller Door 2200mm High

Standard or Windlocked: Standard
Door Width: 3100
Sale price$1,899.00 Regular price$3,040.00


From $1926 Windlocked or $1534 Standard Guides for 3100mm wide, price will update when width is selected.   Windlocked is the default setting to comply with AS4505, if windlocks are not required select standard guides.

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1. Automation option 

Single or three-phase motors available on all Series B doors, with optional remote control button or keypad. 

2. Advanced technology

Precision engineered nylon drum wheel 

3. Planetary gearing option

For larger Series B doors, planetary gearing is available for ease of operation. 

Minimum dimensions (mm) (A = Opening height) 

A 2200 2500 2800 3100 3900 4600 5100
B 440 455 485 495 515 550 560
C 270 275 295 300 310 325 330
D 170 180 190 195 205 225 230
E 485 505 515 525 545 575 585

Minimum sideroom for motor (mm) 

Drive ATA motor Merlin motor Steel-Line motor Grifco motor* Chain drive*
F 190 205 165 290 195
G 85 70 60 55 90

* If 'wind-locked' door Spacer Kit fitted, F and G will increase by 35mm. 


Wind loads

Taurean Doors Systems certify that this door meets the ultimate wind pressure ratings of Australian Standard AS/NZS 4505 and is fit for purpose in Regions A and B (non-cyclonic areas) of Australia when installed according to instructions.


Install doors behind opening, attached to brickwork or steelwork as required.  Leave sufficient return on both sides to accommodate support brackets and guides with the necessary working clearances. 

Posts and piers should continue past the lintel height to provide fixing for the support brackets.  Series B doors are supported on brackets above the opening on each end and require sufficient headroom for door to roll up.  Values in the tables indicate the minimum space required.  If there is insufficient headroom at the site, the bottom of the curtain roll may infringe the opening. 

Top mounting face of the wall bracket should be set to table dimensions.  If more than 40mm above track top, bend sharp track top away at wall side to avoid possible damage to the nylon braiding.

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