Garage Doors Hobart

In Hobart, Door Supply is the trusted name for garage doors, offering a range of solutions that the community relies on. We're the provider of garage doors Hobart residents turn to for quality, durability, and style. Our collection is perfectly suited to the unique architectural and climatic needs of Hobart homes and businesses.

For those seeking efficient and secure access solutions, we're the go-to for roller doors Hobart trusts for their durability. Our roller doors are known for their robust construction and smooth operation, making them a popular choice across Hobart. Whether you're in the heart of the city or the surrounding suburbs, Door Supply is committed to delivering the best garage door solutions to every Hobart resident and business, ensuring satisfaction and peace of mind.

Browse for your new garage door at Door Supply today. We offer competitive prices on our range of roller doors, sectional doors and garage door solutions for Hobart homes and businesses. Experience efficient service, innovative design, and easy DIY new garage door installation on our manual and automatic garage doors when you order online today. 

Roller Doors

A roller door is a durable and practical access solution for residential and commercial use. As the roller door opens, it slides the garage door curtain vertically in its tracks to roll around a drum that sits inside or outside the garage aperture. 

Our high-quality roller doors for domestic and semi-industrial applications boast expert designs, smooth operation, and incredible value. Purchase a cyclonic-rated roller door, and select Windstrong and Windlock options for maximum protection against the elements. Browse our roller door range today. 

Sectional Doors

Sectional garage doors have 4-5 panels – or sections – with hinges between each. As the garage door opens, the sections will hinge and slide along rails, settling along the garage's ceiling when fully extended. Therefore, an overhead sectional door requires more interior installation space. 

Browse our elegant and long-lasting sectional garage doors for sale in Hobart, Tas. Choose from four sectional door styles within our Taurean Classic panel range, available in single or double garage doors


Browse our full range of roller doors and sectional doors for residential properties to enhance your home aesthetics and protect your property. We provide a huge range of attractive and durable domestic garage doors Hobart-wide. Please contact us today for a quote for a new sectional or roller door for your home. 

Semi-industrial and Commercial Doors

We supply a full selection of industrial roller shutters for businesses and worksites. Our Taurean range of industrial roller doors come with a fully-equipped kit, including brackets, guides, clips, fastenings, keyed centre lock and single or three-phase garage door motors available on all Series B doors. 

Our NovaTaur Roller Door range combines aesthetics with a robust, rigid curtain for unbeatable durability and reliability. Secura-T roller shutters feature bottom rails, an electric operation and mounded nylon end clips for a smooth, quiet operation. A guide-mounted, lockable chain clip provides standard locking for all geared shutters on our industrial doors. In addition, we can create custom doors featuring slotted or perforated slats for ventilation.


Buy top-quality garage door openers and accessories across Hobart now. Browse our comprehensive collection of garage door spare parts, openers, and accessories to fulfil all your requirements. Our remote controls and automatic openers are compatible with most manual and automatic garage door products. Discover our innovative automation and smart features, providing 24/7 control over your garage door via your smartphone. In addition, you’ll find brackets, metal tracks, low headroom kits, and personal access doors for all your garage door repair and accessibility needs. 


Choose your garage door finish to complement your home’s aesthetics. We offer a wide range of contemporary and traditional COLORBOND colours.


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Why choose us?

If you’re looking for a reliable garage door supply, you’ve found it. Make Door Supply your go-to, locally owned door supplier in Hobart, Tas. We have many years of experience in the garage door industry, helping domestic, commercial, and industrial clients enhance their properties with competitively-priced superior products.

Our garage door service includes secure, free delivery on our entire collection of garage doors to most main cities across Australia. Or we charge $150 direct to your Hobart house or business, including parts of the East Coast and Southern Midlands. Email us for more information at Or contact us through our online chat function for a free quote, and we’ll get back to you during business hours. Shop for your new garage door online now!