Garage Door Care
Garage Door Care

Door Care

In order to ensure that your garage door has a long life it is important to care for it over its life. To do this there are some basic rules to follow.  

Basic Rules

  • Wash the door with warm, soapy water every 14 days, especially around the perimeter, this area does not get rain washed so needs your attention, this includes the top of the roll that is inside the garage.  Roll the door up 45cm so this area is accessible from inside the garage.
  • Wash both sides of the door, in the case of a roller door, ensure the top “roll” is washed. DO NOT wash the garage door motor/operator, this could void the warranty and cause electrocution.
  • Wash more frequently in harsh conditions like close proximity to the sea (salty environment) or where industrial fallout may be present.
  • Clean the inside of the tracks every 3 months with a dry cloth, then spray with a silicon furniture polish and wipe again with a clean cloth. DO NOT use grease, oil or spray lubricants in the tracks. 

Regular Maintenance

  • It is important to check the door and its operation every 6 months, more in harsh environments.
  • Check that the door is running smoothly and freely in the tracks. If the door is automated ensure the door has been placed into its manual mode first. Refer to the motor’s instruction booklet.
  • Check any lifting cables for wear and tear. If there is any fraying contact Taurean Door Systems. DO NOT attempt to repair or remove.
  • Check all screws, nuts and bolts making sure they are secure.

Roller Door Warranty

Taurean Door Systems and B&D Doors provide a 12 month warranty.  Excluded from the warranty are salt corrosion, damage from any environmental conditions, accidents, fair wear and failure to properly install, use or maintain the product.