Upgrade your Garage Door

If you’re thinking of selling your home or you’re in the process of renovating, you might like to consider installing a new garage door.  There is general agreement that street appeal is a key driver in obtaining the best price for your home.  Updating the garage door doesn't cost as much a you might think.

Improve the look of your home

The vast majority of garages are either street facing or take up almost half of the frontage of your home.  This means that your garage door will have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your property. It therefore makes great sense if you’re thinking about selling or renovating to consider the appearance of your garage door.  A new garage door will not only look great it may also make the property more secure. Investing in a new garage door is an easy way to smarten up a large portion of the buyers first impressions of your house . Garage doors are available in many colours and styles, there are also many additional features available n modern garage doors such as Cyclonic Wind ratings, Smart phone connectivity and monitoring to add peace of mind to your property security.  

Increase safety & security

Clearly, installing a new garage door provides aditional safety and security to any home.  It is also a great selling point as people look for the smart features of your property. A new garage door from Doorsupply can be installed by most competent DIYer's or call in a trained professionals for the extra peace of mind that your door will function smoothly and is backed by a warranty in the event of any failure. There is also a range of Smart Automation Kits available that significantly add to the safety and security of your home, including real-time notifications on your phone when your garage door is operated, open for an extended period, when it malfunctions or needs a service. This gives you the ability to remotely control access to your garage and home, dramatically increasing the safety and security of your home and family. 

Updating the garage door is an easy fix to a tired frontage, but how about considering other things to make the garage a multi-purpose space.  You could add insulation for both comfort and noise suppression.  How about turning the garage into a home theatre, Home Gym or kids room. With Sectional doors you can get additional screens that allow air flow but maintain privacy, and have a personnel door fitted for easy access while the screen is down.

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