There is general agreement across the real estate and renovation industry that replacing your garage door is a cost effective way of adding value to your home. So, if you’re thinking of selling or you’re in the process of renovating to maintain the value of your home, you might like to consider installing a new garage door.

Improve the kerb appeal of your home

The vast majority of garages are street facing, taking up 30 – 40% of your home’s frontage, which means they have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your property. For this reason, if you’re thinking about selling or renovating, the state of your garage door is something you should probably take into account.

Possibly it’s looking a bit tired or dated, or not functioning as well as it should. The solution may be as easy as a service and a coat of paint, but sometimes investing in a new door is the only answer. Have a look around at the garage doors in your neighbourhood and do a bit of research into the styles that are available to find one that suits your needs. 

Increase safety & security

Clearly, installing a new garage door provides a heightened degree of safety and security to any home, and is a great selling point if you’re putting your house on the market. A new garage door from a trusted brand and installed by experienced professionals gives you the peace of mind that your door will function smoothly and is backed by a warranty in the event of any failure.

While these are noticeable benefits of a new garage door, other things to think about if you’re planning to sell are updating the garage storage system, installing insulation in the ceiling for additional energy efficiency and landscaping your front yard.

Always do some research into the return on investment, as this is the key to how much you’re willing to spend and exactly what updates to your house and surrounds are worth investing in. 

Are you in the process of selling or renovating your home and thinking about replacing your garage door?