ATA GDO10v3 Toro Commercial Garage Roller Door Opener

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The ATA GDO10v3 Toro is suitable for light commercial applications up to 28m²

Comes with free shipping, 2 year warranty and installation instructions

Also includes 2x remote controls and a wall console

Single Phase plug and play

The ATA GDO10v3 Toro Light Commercial Opener Includes

1x ATA “Toro” GDO10v3 Commercial Door Opener
2x ATA PTX5v2 Keyring Transmitters
1x Up/Down/Stop Wall Console
2 Year Warranty



The ATA GDO10v3 is designed to suit light commercial applications for doors up to 28m² with high duty cycles. The wired wall console has an LCD screen and can manage up to 511 remote controls, with the ability for time lock controlled access, adjustable speed programs and obstruction settings. Optional accessories include multiple wireless or wired PE Beams for added safety and smartphone control. The GDO10v3 utilizes an inbuilt battery backup, allowing operation even if your shed or factory loses power.

The included PTX5v2 remote controls features a rolling code encryption called TrioCode128, which generates a new code each time the button is pressed from trillions upon trillions of possibilities.

By transmitting across three frequencies, the PTX5v2 all but eliminates interference problems, meaning your garage door will open with every press of the button. Due to the remotes high security, only your garage door remotes will ever open your gate or door preventing code grabbing devices from ‘replaying’ the code to open your garage door.

Optional accessories include a smartphone control kit and PE Safety Beams. 

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